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3 Colour Media
3 Colour Media


We produce competitively priced and engaging graphics and have a full range of services to provide a complete answer to your creative requirements.

Photorealistic stills

Non-photorealistic / illustrative stills


3 Colour MediaPhotorealistic 3d images are virtually indistinguishable from real photographs and have the advantage that they can be produced from CAD data, plans or sketches before construction, prototyping or production takes place.

3 Colour MediaThe term 'non-photorealistic' covers a wide array of image styles from line drawn illustrations to near photo quality imagery. Non-photorealistic images are cost effective, require smaller budgets and reduced time scales to produce.

3 Colour MediaAnimations have a great impact. A moving image creates a cinematic experience that cannot fail to impress. Your clients can explore a building project, see your new product working or explore a virtual world.